The Pool Store, #1 in Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Saunas, Spas and even all types of Decks in Lufkin and all of East Texas!

Above ground swimming pools, inground swimming pools, swimming pool maintenance, spas and saunas are not just our job at The Pool Store in Lufkin, Texas, they are our passion. Turning east Texans back yards into a true oasis is what we strive for each and every job we take on. We realize that owning a pool or spa is a life changing experience, especially when it's your first one, and we treat it that way. We understand that buying a pool is probably one of the largest, most important purchases you will ever make, and we not only appreciate the opportunity to be a part of that, we feel privileged.

The Pool Store also builds wood decks. Owner Rory Stringer said, "Wood decks as well as stained, stenciled and decorative concrete have become important to customers in the Lufkin area, so they're important to us!"

That said, we want to be your east Texas "pool guy's", not just the people that sold you a swimming pool or spa. This is why buying from us is just the beginning of a long term relationship between a client and his or her "pool guy's",  so when you're in the market for a new pool or spa give The Pool Store in Lufkin, Texas a call today. When you think "pools Lufkin Texas" think The Pool Store!

4102 Hwy. 69 South, Lufkin, TX  75901          Phone: 936-824-2204
We specialize in above ground pools, gunite pools, fibergalss pools, swim spas and hot tubs in Lufkin, Texas and the surrounding East Texas area!


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Lufkin, (And All of East Texas) Above Ground Pools, Spa/Hot Tubs, wood decks and concrete and Gunite pools Specialist!

(We Service Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Huntington, Livingston, Corrigan, and all of East Texas!)

 Above Ground Swimming Pools
When it comes to above ground pools, we do it all. Our highly trained crews install new liners or repair your old liners, do leak detection, green pool cleanups, chemical drops and acid wash. We remove old pools and install new above ground pools, install pool covers, re-plumb systems, and much more. Absolutely NO ONE knows above ground pools like The Pool Store by The Pool Store!

​Spas/Hot Tubs
Like Above Ground Pools, when it comes to spas/hot tubs we are your specialist. We provide dependable, professional, spa & hot tub service and a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Bottom line...we know spas and hot tubs better than anyone in the entire east Texas area. We sell primarily new spas but run across used/re-furbished hot tubs throughout the year, usually through trade ins. We also have and experienced, knowledgeable staff that handles all of our spa/hot tub maintenance and repair at very reasonable rates.

​​Above Ground Pool or In-Ground Pool?
Okay, you've made the decision to finally buy that pool you've always dreamed of. Now, what do I buy? An above ground pool or an in ground pool? If you have a huge back yard, your own landscape designer, and millions of dollars, you’re good to go, but if you're like most of us and have to consider price, how much room you have to work with, etc., you’ll have to make some choices. Do you want an in-ground pool and settle for a smaller patio area, or an above-ground pool that will allow you to have a larger patio area and even some outdoor furniture? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The question is which is right for you?

An above-ground pool definitely has it's advantages, starting with the cost. It could cost as little as ten times less than an in-ground pool, and, installing and above ground pool normally will not raise your property taxes. In most areas an above-ground pool is not considered a permanent structure. Above ground pools are also easier to clean and maintain, primarily because they are usually smaller than an in-ground pool. Last but certainly not least and above ground pool is almost always safer. To prevent access to your pool just remove the pool ladder. It doesn't get much simpler that that!If you're worried about the look, and most of us are, visit "The Pool Store" to see the options available. In years past, above-ground pools were known for a metallic look, but our newer models are much more pleasing to the eye. Chances are you’ll be able to find an above ground pool you're very happy with, and the ability to add a deck and outdoor furniture can make all of the difference in the world!Above-ground pools are becoming more popular almost by the day, but we realize they're not for everyone. You may want an in-ground pool if you’re a serious swimmer or have a large backyard and want waterfalls, a diving board, etc. In other words "all of the bells and whistles".In-ground pools are usually six feet at the deep end, while above-ground pools normally have a deep end of around four feet. Again, a deeper in-ground pool means you can have a slide, diving board, fancy lights, and waterfalls, plus it's easier to swim laps. An in-ground pool will also come in many more attractive shapes than an above-ground pool. We can even custom design an in-ground pool that fits the space of your yard and goes with the style of your house, whereas a custom shape is normally not available in an above-ground pool.Please remember that as beautiful as a custom built in-ground pool can be, and as nice and relaxing as it can be to take some laps after a hard day's work, it does have it's disadvantages. One, it is going to be much more expensive than an above-ground pool. There is just so much more work involved in an in-ground pool. First a trench must be dug, then a solid liner has to be installed. Maintaining an in-ground pool is also more expensive...and more time consuming. Because an in-ground pool is almost always larger than an above-ground pool, cleaning equipment, chemical testing kits, etc. are going to be more expensive. And on top of the cost factor it is much more difficult to keep an in-ground pool free of trash or debris. Taking care of this problem is time consuming and if you don't have the time to do it yourself, you may end up with the extra expense of hiring someone else to do it for you.Another thing to consider is the fact that an in-ground pool may actually negatively impact the resale value of your home. A lot of times buyers will be concerned with safety, especially if they have smaller children, and won’t even consider a home with an in-ground pool. Putting a fence around the pool could possibly be an option, but this won't satisfy all potential buyers. An above-ground pool can be taken apart and either moved to your new location or simply hauled away, while an in-ground pool would have to be filled in, which is a much more expensive.The bottom line...which option is right for you? Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each and consider exactly what you and your family are looking for. Then, take a careful look at your backyard. I bet you will know the answer!​

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Caring For Your Pool

Yes, we want to be "your pool guy's", but we feel like part of that is teaching you how to be your own pool guy or gal when you need to be. Here are some tips on filtration, circulation and cleaning that might come in handy!

Adequate filtration is essential. The water passes through the filter, is cleaned and returns to the pool. The correct size of pump and filter is critical. The sand in the filter (if applicable) will need to be changed every 2 years although this time period may vary depending on the factors affecting your pool. Please contact your pool professional if you are unsure as they will also be able mto assist with this process.

Water moves through your swimming pool, distributing chemicals in the water. The aim flow(s) should be aimed 30-45 degrees down. This will give you better chemical distribution and the water flow will not affect the performance of the pool cleaner.

Clean the pump, filter and skimmer baskets weekly (more often if it is windy and there are trees or sandy areas around your pool). The filter must be 'backwashed' for 3-5 minutes and 'rinsed' for 1 minute weekly. If you are using a non self cleaning Salt Chlorinator, clean the Chlorinator cell weekly. Also, clean the surface of the pool with the pool skim net when required.